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Guarantee Baby with Surrogate

Our surrogacy program guarantees the birth of a baby through a surrogate, whether it's your egg or a donor's egg.

Egg or Sperm Donation

We offer a selection of egg and sperm donors, and you can choose the donor you prefer based on the information provided.

Legal Services
Here are the documents needed for the surrogacy process in Georgia: A Power of Attorney document that has been translated and attested by a notary, a Notary contract between the intended parent and surrogate or egg donor, and a birth certificate for the baby with the names of the parents only.

Guarantee Baby without Surrogate 

We offer a guarantee of money back for our egg donation service which allows you to carry your own baby with no waiting time. You can choose a donor from a profile with detailed information.

Same-Sex Relationship

At our organization, we strongly believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to build a family. That's why we offer surrogacy as an option to intended parents of all sexual orientations and relationship statuses, including single fathers and same-sex couples. Our dedicated coordinator will work with you on a one-to-one basis to determine the best approach to building your family.

Additional Services

Services offered include transportation of cryopreserved embryos or sperm, genetic analysis, hotel and car service booking, restaurant, concert and movie ticket or air ticket reservations, as well as babysitting and nanny services.

If you have frozen embryos or sperm in your home country, We can will help you transport them safely to our partner clinics.

            Global Nest will assist you with:

  • Matching you with a surrogate
  • Matching you with an egg donor
  • Providing you with photographs of donors and information 
  • Organizing the surrogacy program.
  • Taking care of your surrogate throughout the program and after birth
  • Organization of the birth of your child
  • Translation of information and documentation to English
  • Legal services
  • Coordination and logistics with our partner clinic, including contact with your surrogate via WhatsApp  
  • Assistance to find accommodation
  • Assistance with all logistics when abroad, after the birth of your baby
  • Assistance with paperwork after the birth of your baby: Birth Certificate and exit process according to your embassy requests
We will make sure all your questions are answered and that you receive reliable information from us and our partners.

We work together with IVF couriers for the transport of Embryos, Sperm, or Eggs 

One of our drivers will pick you up when you arrive at the airport and deliver you to the hotel.
You will have lunch or dinner with one of our team members later that day, and she will be pleased to tell you more about the trip, the nation, and of course, the local cuisine that will be served.
Breakfast is included in the 4-star hotel where you will be staying.
Of course, the best part of all of this is included in our Guarantee VIP package. 

      Guaranteed baby

We provide packages that don't require a surrogate, so you can undergo gender-specific PGS and IVF testing. However, our guaranteed baby package, which ensures that you will have a baby at the end, is our most favored package.

Our packages

       A large variety of packages are available from us, and you can use them with or without a surrogate, of course.

                              Self Cycle IVF 

                             Same-Sex Couple 

Egg or Sperm Donation without Surrogate 

                             Guarantee Baby 


   Frozen Embryo 

  Egg or Sperm Donation with a Surrogate 

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Global Nest Family 

A Few of our Nest babies, all pictures have had consent from the parents. We do not share any pictures of babies without acceptance. 

Testimony from some of our families 

Couple from Turkey
I went to Georgia and me and my wife took two beautiful girls back, our family is finally complete


Couple from Norway
This year I had my first Mother's Day A Mother's Day dream I had almost given up on 2.5 years ago. When I was told that the last medicine I could try to be able to carry a child forward didn't work. But thanks  surrogacy, our dream has come true. After 12 years of trial and disappointment, we have finally become a family We thank you so much for all the support and help , we are eternally grateful for our little miracle


Couple from USA

We are so grateful for our babies, we are amazed by how fast our journey was. We are also so thankful for our coordinator who was also available for all our questions 

thank you so much 


Couple from Australia
I could not have imagined If I had a chance to do something, but you should always have hope. I love your team, I love your country. You gave me a child! I am a big boy's father. It's very proud.
Thank you


Couple from Germany

We are in the middle of our journey and we are so happy with our coordinator and journey, we feel so safe that our surrogate is taken good care of, we are for sure going to do a sibling journey.


Couple from Spain

Due to the Spanish legislation, many couples use the surrogacy program in different countries. Of course, the US programs are the best, but the prices are pretty colossal. While searching for the world surrogacy programs, we found a small country with a European course, I decided to take a small trip tour and visit to all similar service agencies. 


Couple from the Sweden
We are so happy with you  as agency, and would never choose another agency, thank you so much for our daughter, and we cant wait for doing a sibling journey with you


Couple from UK 
Our first baby was born in 2019, and were blessed with a son. We decided on a second transfer that have resulted in our precious twins that will be born soon. Thank you for all your help ladies. Your knowledge and patience has been a god send, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You really are the best 


Couple from Norway

We can express how we feel, like having the highest gratefulness to a team for making our biggest miracle come through, and we are now parents too, two tiny miracle babies. 

thank you so much 

N and R 

We have walked your shoes

The founders of Global Nest have their miracle babies born via surrogacy  

Contact us today, and we will start your path to parenthood together 

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