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"Surrogacy is a modern reproductive technology that involves a combination of factors to achieve a successful outcome. Generally, the success rate is as high as 90%. However, in some cases, additional attempts may be necessary depending on individual circumstances and other contributing factors."

Global Nest is a surrogacy and egg donation agency that has its main branch located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Tbilisi is a beautiful city that has become a popular destination for intended parents from around the world due to its well-defined surrogacy legislation, advanced clinical care, and affordability. The Georgian government has made significant progress in regulating surrogacy and egg donation, making the process transparent, ethical and straightforward.

Global Nest offers a wide range of surrogacy and egg donation services in Tbilisi, including legal and medical assistance, matching services, and support throughout the entire surrogacy process. Global Nest's team of professionals is passionate about helping intended parents achieve their dreams of having a family, and they are committed to providing a safe, fair, and ethical surrogacy experience.

Tbilisi has become a leading destination for surrogacy and donation, as Global Nest's success stories show. The city's clinics and doctors are among the most advanced in the world, and the cost of treatment is significantly lower than in many other countries. This combination of affordability and high-quality medical care makes Tbilisi an excellent choice for intended parents looking for surrogacy and egg donation services.

If you're traveling to Tbilisi for surrogacy or egg donation services, we understand that it can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing experience. Our team at Global Nest is committed to making your journey as smooth and comfortable as possible. We offer assistance with travel arrangements, including airport pick-up and drop-off, accommodation, and translation services. Our aim is to provide you with a safe, fair, and stress-free surrogacy experience.


We believe in transparency. Through our own experience. We understand the importance of trust  


We do not have any waiting time for starting the programs


We provide all documents, without any cost, for a  smooth exit

  Sometimes it takes a village 

The child born with this method carries entirely the genetics of the egg and sperm owner. No genetic traits pass from a surrogate to a baby. Couples who resort to surrogacy may not necessarily be using their eggs and sperm depending on their case. If their eggs or sperm are not possible to use, all donation options are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the program is executed as such.

     According to Georgian law, intended parents can stand alone on their child's birth certificate which is then easily provided within a week of birth. Georgian surrogate carriers are obliged to comply with firmly defined medical and health stipulations and must have at least one child before participating in a surrogacy arrangement.

This is included in your guarantee package and is an option for the standard plan.


We will pick you up at the airport, and then a four-star hotel room will be ready for you on arrival. We understand that traveling to a foreign country with a different language and culture can be intimidating, especially when you are going through the fertility program with medications etc. That is why we have planned everything carefully for your safety and comfort. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel, then you will be transported to the clinic. We will invite you out to a good dinner where you will get all the necessary information about the country, the culture, and the plan, as well as the opportunity to ask any questions. You will have a person with you everywhere and a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and embryologists at the clinic to look after you safely.

With us, you can choose - With or without a surrogate

  • Egg Donation
  • Sperm Donation
  • Own Egg (Self Cycle)
  • Cryopreserved Embryo
  • Guarantee baby ( only with surrogate) 
  • VIP IVF  

You will receive quality care no matter your relationship or status

    We believe in equality

We believe that both heterosexual and same-sex couples have the right to become parents. It is crucial for LGBT individuals to feel understood and supported by fertility clinics, given the many obstacles they face on the path to starting a family. Therefore, we strongly believe that a reliable surrogacy agency serves as a crucial link between aspiring parents and their dreams, regardless of gender or marital status.

We Guide you on a Compassionate journey to LGBTQ+ parenthood.

       Why choose Georgia?

Georgia is undoubtedly one of the best countries for international surrogacy, legally supporting it and offering a hassle-free experience for intended parents. Legal specialists and intended parents alike have hailed Georgia as a highly efficient and straightforward location for surrogacy. Since 1997, it has become the go-to destination for intended parents worldwide, thanks to its platinum standard of fertility treatment and a clear and efficient legal framework for surrogacy.

The country's air, environment, and diet are among the healthiest in the world, which gives intended parents peace of mind about the well-being of our surrogates and the babies born here. Georgia is an affordable country that still offers modern amenities, making it an ideal destination to relax and acclimate after birth. Intended parents often take this opportunity to vacation and immerse themselves in Georgian culture, paying tribute to its delicious local food and warm hospitality.

Overall, Georgia is the ideal destination for international surrogacy, offering a safe, reliable, and enjoyable experience for intended parents.


        Why choose Mexico ?

Surrogacy regulation in Mexico

Primarily, surrogacy in Mexico is regulated by state law as opposed to federal law (similar to that of the United States). That being said, the prevailing majority of the Mexican states, apart from Tabasko since its state law in 2016, allow for international surrogacy for all individuals – single intended parents, heterosexual and same-sex couples.

Sorting through the heap of peculiar surrogacy laws in a foreign destination can be extremely daunting and stressful without an experienced attorney's help. That's why the team from Global Nest comes in. Not only will we shed light on any potential risks, but we'll also offer you a hands-on team of legal and medical experts who will guide you through your surrogacy journey, safely and efficiently.

All of our surrogates are native Mexican ladies who live in Mexico City. They are all subjected to a lengthy and thorough screening process before being admitted into the program, and they must have at least one healthy baby from a previous pregnancy. During the pregnancy, surrogates live with their families and lead normal lives. They attend our clinic on a regular basis, and their pregnancies are monitored in accordance with typical Western pregnancy standards. They go through all of the standard pregnancy exams, as well as frequent blood tests, to ensure that their overall health is good and that they are on track for a successful birth. Surrogates are highly compensated for their services, and this process allows them to ensure a future for their children.

We have other desirable Countries we also work in, please ask the team for more information about the USA, Mexico, Cyprus,Georgia, and Nigeria we are here to find the best, safest journey towards a complete family

Taking the first step into parenthood can be daunting. We are here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Our success rate

Our success rate for couples is an impressive 80 to 90 percent. It's crucial to understand that a transfer is not just a transfer. Our doctors are extremely meticulous and dedicated to ensuring that everything is perfect. Once the transfer is done, the embryo will take over, and the outcome will depend on several critical factors, including age, sperm quality, whether the embryo has undergone PGT-A testing, and whether your own eggs or donor eggs (and sperm) are being used.

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