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Global Nest is dedicated to providing hope and possibility to those seeking surrogacy and IVF solutions abroad, bringing the joy of parenthood within reach.

Dealing with surrogacy, whether it's within your country or abroad, can be an emotionally challenging experience. It's especially difficult if you are separated by a great distance from your surrogate, which makes it impossible to be physically present throughout the pregnancy. To make the journey of becoming a parent less stressful, it's essential to have a reliable and trustworthy surrogacy agency like Global Nest by your side.

The team behind Global Nest were once intended parents themselves in Tbilisi, Georgia. They found the path to be challenging due to cultural differences, lack of emotional support, and untimely updates. Therefore, Global Nest was established to rectify these issues and implement the necessary changes to make the surrogacy process safer and more enjoyable for all future intended parents.

Global Nest is a surrogacy and egg donation agency that aims to help people create families. Our services are available internationally, and we have in-house facilities for both surrogacy and donation. We work with the best doctors and clinics to ensure top-notch care for our clients throughout the process. 

Choosing Global Nest has several benefits. The founders have completed their surrogacy and donation journey, which gives them unique knowledge and experience. They have backgrounds in both medical and business fields. 

Our client management program assigns a personal surrogacy coordinator to each client, who will guide them through every step of the process. We also provide detailed reports and videos of the surrogate and baby to make the journey as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.


Global Nest is here to support you throughout your journey to parenthood. We will help you find an egg donor (if required), match you with a surrogate, provide care for both the unborn child and the surrogate, and guide you through the exit process until you reach home safely.

"Our programs are competitively priced and have high success rates."

We at Global Nest are committed to providing a transparent service to all Intended Parents, ensuring that there are no hidden fees or charges.

In-house obstetrics and gynecology services are also provided, with ultrasounds every third week.
We see to it that the surrogate has all the assistance she requires; she has a coordinator she can reach around-the-clock, who arranges for appointments, assists her during the pregnancy, and provides postpartum care.
We schedule a Zoom appointment with your surrogate, during which we exchange scan-related images and videos as well as an English report of course.
Of course, the parents can attend the appointment if they are in the city. 

We hand pick our Doctors 

We put in daily effort to ensure that our quality is the highest.
This implies that our group will put their all into every case and provide you with the greatest outcomes.
Our success is your success.
We collaborate with multiple teams, and we establish all aspects with your group, including your origins, requirements, and desires.
We will go over all of the options during our Zoom discussion, and you are welcome to visit our clinic. 

Full legal support from the beginning of the program to the time when you exit the country with your baby. We will arrange all your paperwork for your embassy, translated and legalized.

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*Including all medical costs and surrogate costs, no hidden fee

Where we Nest

Our Main base is in Georiga (country) but we also have partners in other countries to be able to help everyone  


                                               To make your journey possible for all families

Step by Step payment programs making it more affordable to couples who want to embark on a surrogacy journey.

All costs are outlined before starting the process to plan and budget your program.

A secure and ethical fertility journey awaits you

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Global Nest 

Global Nest is committed to providing exceptional support to clients who are considering overseas surrogacy. We believe in maintaining high standards of professionalism and transparency. We demand the same level of excellence from our staff and partner clinics. Our aim is to ensure that our clients have a hassle-free experience and feel confident in their decision to work with us.

Our program

We request that every intended parent has knowledge of their personal requirements for the exit process for their native country.   

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